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 100 Volunteers and Growing:  Jobless Warrior's Official Launch on the Horizon

CUMBERLAND, RI [February 27, 2012] – Jobless Warrior, a new online veteran and career professional matching service, has signed on its 100th volunteer this month and continues to make steady progress in recruitment.  Organization leadership has high hopes for an official launch of the Jobless Warrior services for veterans this spring.

“We’re extremely excited about the current progress of volunteer recruitment, and we have high hopes that we will be able to officially launch the Jobless Warrior services in the next few months,” says JR Rodrigues, founder of Jobless Warrior.

Jobless Warrior is a new initiative with plans to match military veterans to career service professionals such as coaches, resume writers, job networking groups, and others who have the skills, knowledge, and resources to assist them in navigating today’s difficult job search market.  The intent of the program is to enable military warriors to launch new, successful careers with private industry organizations.

“Military veterans have so much to offer to today’s business provider,” says Rodrigues.  “They’re loyal.  They’re responsible.  They can multi-task and persevere in dynamic, stressful environments.  And most of all, they’re grateful when given the chance to use the skills honed on the field in a new way.  The benefits of hiring a veteran are enormous.”

At present, Jobless Warrior has more than 100 volunteer career professionals registered to provide pro bono, job preparation services to veterans. Companies such as Inspire Careers, Morse Transition Consulting, Resume Results, and the Bostonian Group, among others, have signed on and are eager to begin providing services to those who have served our country.

A recent study on military employment by the Society for Human Resource Managers found that more than half of all human resource managers surveyed over the past three years have recently hired or have plans to hire a veteran in the near future.  The same survey found, however, that 46 percent of these managers need help and assistance in identifying qualified veterans during their recruitment efforts.  The human resource challenge, they say, is decoding and translating military skills, experience, and training into civilian terminology to more easily match qualified veterans to appropriate positions in their organizations.

By pairing veterans with career coaches who can help them to translate and showcase their skills and knowledge to civilian agencies, Jobless Warrior will connect veterans with individuals who can assist them in making the warrior-to- business transition quickly and smoothly, benefiting all.

“We have the potential to really impact the job transition success of our vets,” says Rodrigues.  “But we still need more providers and professionals to volunteer to help in order for Jobless Warrior to be a solid success.”

To learn more about Jobless Warrior, visit the organization website at  Volunteer recruitment is ongoing, and the organization still needs additional career service professionals and other service providers to join them in the quest to mitigate joblessness among today’s veterans.

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