Career Coaches

Our volunteer Career Coaches want to help you now!
A Career Coach can help a job seeker with an overall strategy and the communications and tactics needed to implement a successful job search.

These are experienced professionals from private industry who have agreed to provide you with these valuable services:

1. A minimum of one hour of free Career Coaching

2. A minimum of a 25% discount off of normal pricing for additional Career Coaching

*Some of our Volunteers are willing to offer more assistance than the above minimums on a case-by-case basis, and we strongly encourage them to do so.

To be connected with a Career Coach, please send an email to, and we will connect you with the volunteer that is the best fit for your needs. Be sure to copy and paste the following information in the body of your email:

Full Name:

Rank/Service (present or former):

Phone Number:


Preferred method of contact:

Location (City, State):

Brief description of desired assistance:

You are under no obligation to do anything other than to accept the volunteer’s free help. Once you are matched with a provider, you will be asked to prove that you are a veteran.

* Please note: We are manually matching volunteers and veterans at this time. Please allow us a few days to reply once you have requested assistance.

When you have used the free services that our volunteers offer, we would appreciate your feedback!


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