Quite frankly, it's disgraceful.
Returning Gulf War veterans have a significantly higher unemployment rate (currently 11.5%) than the general workforce population. Returning Veterans between the ages of 18 -24 fare even worse with a 21.9% unemployment rate!

Approximately 1/3 of homeless adults in this country are veterans, despite representing only 11% of the general population.

Welcome home? 
This is not what our heroes, who risked all to preserve our way of life, deserve and it is up to all citizens to take action to fix this now!


You can have a major impact on a veteran's life.
As a Recruiter committed to helping veterans, you can bring your professional skills and experience to the table to help our Jobless Warriors get a leg up on their new careers.  Volunteering to support these noble heroes who risked all to protect our way of life may very well be one of the most satisfying endeavors that you will be involved with in your lifetime.

Rules and Requirements.

• You must offer a minimum of one (1) free hour of Career Coaching to a qualified Jobless Warrior.

• You must offer a minimum of a 25% discount off of your normal pricing for additional Career Coaching performed after the one free hour.

• You may offer more free services and/or higher discounts, if desired.

• You may limit or otherwise restrict how many Jobless Warriors you wish to work with at any given time. However, you must proceed in a timely manner with any Veteran that you do choose to work with.

• You may ask the Jobless Warriors for proof of their veteran status. Typical proof might be a scan or fax of their Military Separation Document (DD Form 214 or WD Form 53-55) or their Military ID (expired or otherwise.)  Any such document should have all personal information redacted to protect the Warrior's privacy.

• You will receive a listing and a link to your website on the Jobless Warrior site.

• You will be authorized to use the Jobless Warrior logo on your website as an acknowledgement of your generous participation in our program.

• By agreeing to volunteer for Jobless Warrior, you certify that you and/or your company are qualified to provide the specific products or services and will do so to the best of your abilities.

How to Volunteer

Send us an email (info@joblesswarrior.org) or a fax (401.475.6041) with the following information:

1. Name and Company Name
2. Complete Contact Information (phone, email, fax, mailing address, etc.)
3. Website URL
4. Brief Company/Professional Profile (maximum 50 words)

Please make a difference in the lives of our returning veterans and their families by emailing us now at info@joblesswarrior.org.

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